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Fiber Optic Filament, Cable and illuminators. Star Ceiling installation instructions. Train Layouts Model Railroad lighting and scenery. Scale Model Hobby Lighting Supply. Fiber Optic Lighting Supplies. Star Wars Science Fiction Model Lighting. Model Building Lighting. Diorama and Dioramas Lighting Fiber Optic Art and Crafts. Home Theater Star Ceiling installation.  


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Why was I redirected? ... and do you still have the product and projects available on The Fiber Optic Store.com?
WHY: We are just a couple weeks away from the launch of our totally new website, and we needed to take the FiberOpticProjects site offline as we migrate some of the components over to the new site.
PRODUCT: On this current site, you will find all of the products that were available to you on FiberOpticProjects.com.  
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