Important Update ~ 02/21/21

The Fiber Optic Store will be 'offline' for a while.

EXISTING ORDERS: All existing orders currently in the que will be filled and shipped. Customers will receive email updates requiring their orders.

NEW ORDERS: During this 'offline phase' we will not be taking any new orders.

COMMUNICATION: Our email account ( is still active, primarily for the purpose of working with our customers that are still 'in the que'.

TIME OFFLINE: We're not exactly sure when we'll be back in full capacity taking new orders. That said, when we are able to project a date, we'll update this page immediately. If at that time you'd like to receive an email update, please send us request via

We're sorry for any inconvenience, we appreciate your understanding as we 'reset' parts of our operation. Optimistically we look forward to being back 'online' in the future.

Thank You!

Paul & Dave