🎉 August 09 2021 ~ We're Finally Back OnLine! 🎉

We're Back Online! ~ August 2021

February 2021 threw us a bit of a curveball that unfortunately required us to take our company offline.  Six months later we're pleased to share with you that we're back!   During our time offline we heard from many of you, we appreciate your kind words and concerns.  THANK YOU!

As we build back to full operation this month, we're committed to provide you with the products and service that you've come to expect and deserve.

Thank you so much for your patience!  

Here are a few quick links to some of our more popular areas:

Our Star Ceiling Installation Guide
Our unique installation guide for our star ceiling DIYer's is alive and well and is also undergoing a facelift as well. Click here to visit our installation guide.

Frequently Asked Questions
Our FAQ area continues to grow and improve.  Please click here to visit our FAQ's 

Combo Packs = A Great Place to Start
If you’re someone who learns best by actually touching and working with something, then we’d suggest ordering one of our Hobby Spool Fiber Optic Combo Packs – as you’ll see, we offer several options.  You’ll need a light source to illuminate the fiber optic filament.  As you learned in our FAQ area, you can use pretty much any light source.  If you don’t have one handy, we’d suggest that you add one of our 1000M’s to your shopping cart.

The Fiber Optic Project
One of the other areas that we're currently updating surrounds all of the fiber optic projects that we've shared over the past 20+ years.  While the projects are currently 'offline' and not visible on our new site, not to worry they're all safe and will be coming back soon.  We will be rolling them out in a new updated video format, so be sure to subscribe to our new YouTube channel

Connect With Us?
Would you like to connect with us live?  Perhaps you have an idea or question surrounding a new fiber optic project, no worries, just send us an emailwith your phone number and we will co-ordinate a call.  BTW: We will be adding a new phone number this month.

Our email is: sales@thefiberopticstore.com

Our Mission  “To provide a superior resource of fiber optic information, ideas and quality products for the scale model enthusiast, creative craft maker and the star ceiling ‘do it yourself’ installer!”


~ Paul & Dave