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Can I glue and paint the filament?

Yes! You can glue and paint the fiber optic filament. However, keep in mind that the filament is basically a polymer based plastic, therefore you should use plastic-friendly paints and glues.

Unless, of course, your desired result it to melt the fibers into themselves and your project.

By the way, melting the fibers will destroy their light transmission properties.

So, what types of glues can I safely use?

Avoid glues that use drying agents or generate heat as they cure. Krazy Glue or Super Glue (Cyanoacrylate or CA) should be avoided.

Fiber-optics-safe glues include: Elmer’s White Glue, Titebond Glue, and some 5 minute epoxy’s and polyurethane adhesives.

Tip: Always test your adhesive on a scrap section of fiber before using it on the actual project.

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