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Do you have a quick table that shows me how much fiber I need?

The table below was designed to give you an idea of how much single strand fiber optic filament you’ll need to create a specific star density (star ratio), in a specific size room. This table works from “even sized” room measurements, (ie: 8 x 8, 10 x 10, 20 x 20 etc). If you have an odd size room:

  • Begin by calculating the total square footage of the room.
  • Go down the “Total Sq. Ft.” column of the table, to a similar square footage.
  • Move over to the right until you are in the column of the desired “Star Ratio”.
  • This will give you an approximation of how much single strand filament you’ll need.

EXAMPLE: You would like to create a star ceiling with a 4:1 Star Ratio. The room is 7 x 15 feet. How much single strand filament will you need?

ANSWER: 3,300 feet. Here’s how we came to that: 7 x 15 = 105 sq ft. Looking down the “Sq. Ft.” column, you’ll find that a 10×10 room is very close at 100 sq. ft. Slide over to the “4:1 Star Ratio” column, and you’ll come up with about 3,300 feet of filament.

NOTE: This table takes into account for an extra 6″ per “Star”. This is for illuminator drop and fiber threading. (Be sure to see our star ceiling guide for further explanations and a more detailed description of some of the terms used.)

Here’s a link to a printable PDF of the table below: StarRatios

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