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How can I have a mix of different size stars?

You can achieve this by two different methods:
The first is to actually inter-mix different diameter fiber optic filaments. You would choose a base diameter, that is the diameter that would be used for a majority of your stars. Then, for some variation,  you would mix in a different diameter filament.

For example, take a 10 x 10 room with an over all star ratio of 4:1.

You would like 3/4 of the stars .75mm and 1/4 of the stars 1.0mm.

Looking at the star calculation table for a 10 x 10 room and a 3:1 ratio for the .75mm filament (keep in mind that this will be 3/4 of the total 4:1 ratio star coverage = 3:1 ratio) you’ll need 2442 feet of .75mm fiber.

For the 1.0mm fiber at a 1:1 ratio (again the 1:1 represents 1/4 of a 4:1 ratio) you’ll need 814 feet of the 1.0mm fiber.

Let us help you with the filament estimate and ratio calculation of your specific star ceiling. Click here to jump to our star ceiling estimate request page.

The Second method of obtaining a mix of different sized stars is to install one diameter filament through out, and ‘flare’ the ends of the filament.

Click here to leap over to the FAQ on flaring the filaments.

(Photo) Working on finishing touches for the Star Ceiling in Nate’s ManCave.