How much does it cost to create a star ceiling?

A difficult question to give a quick answer to! There are a number of different variables that factor into the cost.

  • How large is your star ceiling?
  • How’s the ambient light? Do you need to install room darkening blinds?
  • Do you need to install a drop (suspended) ceiling?
  • Are you using acoustic panels for your star field?
  • What star density would you like? (ie: How many stars per foot?)
  • Would you like just one sized star, or would you like a mix of sizes? If so, what diameter filaments would you like to use?
  • If you’re installing multiple sized stars, what are your ratios? And which star size is your heaviest ratio?
  • Will you be using Fiber Optic Single Strand Filament, Multi Strand Cable or a combination of both?
  • What type of illuminator will you use? Do you need more then one illuminator?
  • Would you like the stars to be just white, or would you like to be able to change the color of your star ceiling?
  • Would you like an illuminator with a twinkle effect?
  • Would you like an illuminator with a remote control?
  • How far is your illuminator from the edge of the actual ‘field of stars’?
  • Do you need to wire an outlet for the illuminator?

So you see, the cost is going to be different depending on your installation perimeters and preferences.

All that said ~ We’d love to help you accurately calculate the amount of fiber optic filament that you’ll need to create your own personal indoor universe!  To get started, please fill out the short form below.  We will follow up by sending you an email with your custom estimate. There is no cost or obligation.