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What are fiber optics and what would I use them for?

In short, a fiber optic cable or filament transfers light or data.

Perhaps you’ve heard of fiber optics being used in computer networks and phone systems. These industries benefit from the clean transmission of data over thin fiber optic filaments.

However, we’re more interested in the fiber optics' unique ability to transmit light. The hand above is holding a few dozen strands of fiber optic filament. The other end of these fiber optic filaments is being directed into a light source. The light travels through the fiber optic filament, which causes the opposite end to illuminate... it’s that simple!

Many hobbies or crafts that could be enhanced through the addition of light may benefit from incorporating fiber optics. Fiber optics are used to enhance or bring light to:

  • models and spaceships
  • dioramas
  • model train layouts
  • indoor star ceilings
  • promotional displays and signs
  • artwork
  • various crafts
  • costumes and theater sets
  • special events and many other applications

The mission of our web site is to help you understand how easy it is to work with fiber optics and help

you create your own unique fiber optic masterpieces!

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