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What exactly are dynamic FAQs?

Here at The Fiber Optic Store we receive many unique e-mail questions from visitors to our site. We decided to do something different with some of these questions and the way we answer them.

When we receive a unique question, one that we feel other visitors might find helpful or interesting, a couple of events will occur:

  • First we will post that question, along with the answer, here in the FAQs area.
  • At the same time, we will then reply back to the person who asked the question with a link to their answer.
  • The new question / answer will then be permanently added to this area of our site.
  • Depending on the question, we may even post it out on one of our social media forums.

Over time, this area will continue to grow and become even more helpful!

Thanks again for all your support, we have the best customers!

Paul & Dave

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