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What’s the BASIC concept on how to do a star ceiling?

OK, let’s begin with a VERY basic explanation. Fiber Optic Filament has the ability to transfer light. Take a strand of fiber optic filament, shine light into one end, the other end will glow. If the light is red, the end will glow red. Green will glow green, etc.

That said, a Star Ceiling created with fiber optic filament is no more than many individual fiber optic strands (filaments or cables) threaded through the ceiling and directed to a light source. (The illuminator). By sending the light from the illuminator, through the fiber optic filament, the other end will glow. This point of light looks remarkably like a star in the outdoor evening sky.

The concept is actually quite simple. The challenge is in the installation and calculations. Even then, it’s not as difficult as one might think.

Depending on how you control different variables, you can create an effect that is very realistic.