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What type of light source do I need to illuminate the fiber optic filament?

When you direct one end of a fiber optic filament towards a light source, the other end glows.  So the question is: Which light source should you use?   The answer: That depends on your application!
  In scale model applications, where space is minimal and ventilation is non-existent, small LEDs provide excellent illumination. The 1000M illuminator is a good example of an ultra bright LED illuminator that works very well in tight quarters.
In The Space Place, we directed the fiber optic cable used for the stars into the same fluorescent lights that illuminated the control panels.  




Star ceiling creations, such as Brian and Debbie’s “El Theatre’ de Lamont” pictured above, we used a larger illuminator. 

The LLE-003 features a remote and a twinkle wheel.

In all applications, the light source you choose will need to overcome the ambient room light. Also, your application and desired effect will determine the unique features of the light source you use (i.e. twinkle wheels, ventilation, and space considerations).

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