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Which diameter of fiber optic filament should I use?

Our Fiber diameter options range from .25mm through 3.0mm.


The thicker the fiber diameter, the more light it transmits.

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The decision on what diameter fiber optic filament to use in your star ceiling depends on:

  • How much ambient light in the room?
  • The brightness of your light source. (illumination)
  • The effect you’re attempting to achieve.
  • What is your budget?

Ambient Light: We define “Ambient Light” as: All light in the room that is competition with the star ceiling. Ambient Light can come from several sources.

  • Outside windows.
  • Lamps and room lighting.
  • Light entering from halls and other rooms.
  • Televisions and “glowing” electronics.

In a home, the type of room that features a star ceiling, tend to be dimmer than a standard room. (ie: home theaters and bedrooms.) therefore ambient light is not an issue. That said, most of the fiber diameters mentioned will work, providing that you have a bright enough illuminator.