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Sample Pack

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To assist our customers, we offer a small “Sample Pack”

This Sample Pack features a few inches (~ 4″) of our single strand end glow fiber optic filament as well as two of our popular fiber optic end glow cables.

The fibers in the Sample Pack are labeled, and will give you a better idea of the diameters and properties. Here’s a list of the filament and cable that is included in our sample pack:

Single Strand End Glow Fiber Optic Filament (Clear)

.50 mm (Labeled)

.75 mm (No Label)

1.0 mm (Labeled)

1.5 mm (No Label)

2.0 mm (Labeled)

NOTE: While the .25mm & 3.0mm are available to purchase they are NOT included in the Sample Pack

Fiber Optic End Glow Cable (Black)

64 (.264mm) Strands  Labeled (Thinner cable)

32 (.50mm) Strands  No Label (Thicker cable)